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What is the Right Time to Start Using Toothpaste for Kids?

The Little Dentist

As a new parent, it can be quite daunting for you to deal with your baby’s oral hygiene and routine. Your mind might be plagued with questions like - What kind of toothbrush should I use for my baby’s teeth? When and what kind of toothpaste is best for my child?, and how can I establish a healthy oral hygiene routine for my kid? If your mind is flooded with the questions listed above, then worry no more because we’ve got the answers to your child’s oral woes!

Many parents believe in the myth that it is not that important to pay attention to their child’s oral hygiene because their baby teeth will ultimately be replaced by permanent adult teeth. However, caring for your child’s teeth from their childhood can lead to good oral hygiene at adulthood and keep several oral infections at bay. If you want to know what you can do to promote oral hygiene in your child, then read on!

What is the Right Time for Your Baby to Start Brushing His/Her Teeth?

The Little Dentist

The right time for you to begin promoting healthy oral hygiene practices in your child’s life is as soon as their first tooth erupts into the oral cavity. Once your child’s teeth start erupting, it is important to keep the mouth bacteria free and clean to keep the oral infections at bay. The easiest way to do this as a parent is by wrapping a small piece of gauze or cotton around your finger and dipping it in water. Rub your gauze wrapped finger around the gums of your child to keep that area clean. If you continue to practice this at least once a day, then you’ll surely keep harmful bacteria in your child’s mouth away!

When Can You Begin Using Toothpaste to Clean Your Baby’s Teeth?

As per the latest dental standards, you can start using fluoridated toothpaste to clean your child’s mouth after he/she turns two years old. Please note that the amount of toothpaste to be used to clean the teeth should be as small as a grain of rice. After your child hits the two-year milestone, you can start cleaning his/her teeth by using a soft-bristled toothbrush along with a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste.

How Many Times a Day Should You Brush Your Baby’s Teeth?

When your baby is still an infant you must clean his/her teeth only once a day using the wet gauze method described above. Once your baby becomes a toddler, you can start brushing your baby’s teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste twice a day. It is also recommended that you introduce your toddler to flossing at this age to inculcate it in his/her oral hygiene routine. Setting up a good oral hygiene routine for your child right from when he/she becomes a toddler is essential to ensure that their teeth remain healthy even when they become adults!