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Importance of good oral hygiene

  • For the overall well-being and health of your child, their oral hygiene can play an extremely crucial role. Your child’s teeth help them eat, talk, and also have aesthetic values. When you set an example of good oral hygiene in your child from the very beginning of their childhood, you ensure that they transform into adults who have a stringent oral hygiene routine. Setting up oral hygiene habits in early childhood ensures that your kids face negligible dental problems when they grow up. If you neglect your child’s oral hygiene, then it can make them prone to infections, misaligned teeth, and other dental diseases.

Tips & Tricks for improving your child's oral hygiene

  • Parents often face an issue with setting up an oral hygiene routine for their kids. However, if you want to make oral hygiene more fun for your kids, then you can follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks.
  • Children can be pretty finicky about their toothbrush. If you let them make their own choice in picking up a toothbrush, it will inculcate a feeling of responsibility in them and make them more likely to use it.
  • Most children don’t like brushing their teeth because they hate the taste of toothpaste. To tackle this, you can ask your kids what their favourite flavour is and buy it from the market for them.
  • Nowadays, there are several educational videos about how to brush your teeth and what are the benefits of it. If you want your child to imbibe these oral hygiene habits, then have them watch some videos of their favourite cartoons promoting healthy oral habits.
  • Most of the kids who do brush, end up eating the toothpaste instead and finish brushing in under a minute. To promote good oral hygiene habits, you must set up a timer for 2 minutes and can even play your child’s favourite songs or nursery rhymes to keep them engaged.
  • To get your child more familiar with the dentist’s office, you can plan a fun activity after it and reward them for their good behaviour.