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Dental issues faced by teenagers

  • Just like adults, teenagers are also prone to several dental problems and require health checkups to maintain their overall oral health. As per research, dental caries is one of the most common problems that affect teenagers and early adults. Some of the factors that contribute towards the development of dental caries in pre-teens, teenagers, and early adults include their diet, emergence of wisdom teeth in their late teens leading to poor oral hygiene maintenance, and snacking throughout the day.
  • Other than dental caries, teenagers are also prone to developing misaligned teeth due to the irregular eruption of teeth in their oral cavities. One of the top issues that teenagers go to a dentist for is to get their crooked teeth aligned in position with the help of braces. Given the occurrence of oral hygiene issues in teenagers, it is important to regularly consult your dentist to rule out any acute and chronic oral infections. To understand more about teenage dental care, let’s first look at the dental issues faced by teenagers and what can be done to improve their oral hygiene status.

Misaligned Teeth

  • Another teenage dental problem that is frequently seen by dentists in their clinics is misalignment of teeth. If you feel that your teeth are not placed in a straight line or are crooked in position, then you can get braces to align your teeth in the correct position. Getting braces will not only help straighten your teeth but also improve your oral functionality by making it easier for you to masticate and speak as well.
  • If you’re dealing with bite issues due to any orthodontic problem, then you can be prone to getting several dental infections such as - dental caries or other gym infections. This is because it is harder to clean misaligned teeth. Braces come in various styles - invisible aligners, ceramic braces, metallic braces, etc. Depending upon the degree of bite issues you’re facing, your dentist can advise you to wear any type of removable or fixed braces.

Dental Caries

  • One of the most common oral diseases seen in teenagers is dental caries. Due to their dietary habits, teenagers consume a lot of sugar-filled beverages, soda, and candy. These sugar-filled substances are great food for bacteria in the oral cavity and can result in the development of dental caries and even loss of tooth.
  • Teenagers and early adults are also more prone to dental caries because of the emergence of the wisdom teeth in their mouth due to which they’re not able to look after their oral hygiene. It can be difficult to clean the wisdom teeth due to the presence of a flap tissue over them and because they make the surrounding gum tissue pretty sore while they are erupting. Furthermore, teenagers have a habit of snacking throughout the day which is why their teeth are exposed to higher amounts of acids leading to tooth decay.

Gum Diseases

  • Periodontal diseases are the ones that affect the structures that are surrounding the tooth. The most commonly infected structure surrounding the tooth is the gingiva aka the gums. Gum diseases occur due to bacterial accumulation in the tissues. When a dental caries infection continues to proceed further, it can reach the sensitive pulp and the bone thereafter, leading to painful periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases should not be taken lightly as they can have devastating oral outcomes and can even lead to tooth loss if not treated at time.
  • Plaque buildup and the accumulation of bacteria in that area are the prime reasons behind these diseases. Factors that can make you more prone to gum diseases include - vitamin C deficiency, diabetes, smoking, mouth breathing, autoimmune diseases, etc. Symptoms of gum diseases include - gum recession, bad breath, loose teeth, ill-fitting dentures, etc. Therefore, you must clean your teeth regularly and consume a balanced diet to keep gum diseases and other periodontal infections at bay.